Progress Report on School (KG) Project under construction by Adinkra Foundation at Akatsi

By: Felix-Ham K. Nugor

Date: 24/12/2015



The school (KG) project is on-going and there is 100% hope that the facility would be ready by the middle of February, 2016,

for commissioning and handing over for use by the beneficiary children.


Before 9th November, 2015 item left to be worked on for completion of the project were:

1. Tarrazo Floor,

2. Painting,

3. Plumbing Works

4. Fixing of Louvre Blades

5. Furniture (Chairs and Tables for the children)



Physical Status of the project as at 31st December, 2015



So far 60 chairs were completed, but yet to be polished.

Find below pictures of some of the completed chairs waiting for polishing


Also there are 40 uncompleted chairs. The carpenter is busily fixing one of the remaining 20 chairs.



Completion of KG Classroom Block


Tarrazo Works

Tarrazo is still on-going. Tarrazo works also, according to the “Tarrazoman”, also takes time.

Per the size of floor (area= about 3,000square meters) to be covered with tarrazo,

three (3) weeks for the floor and concrete works was required, three (3) weeks to allow for proper drying

before gliding and polishing, and up to another three (3) weeks for completion.

In all nine (9) weeks was required. 

Below are some pictures showing progress of work.


Tarrazoman with the gliding machine.

Part of the tarrazo floor after first gliding



Plumbing Works


Plumbing is 95% completed. What is left is fixing of the WCs and the Wall/floor tiles in the Toilet.

Find below some pictures of the plumbing works and WCs


Plumbing works from the Washrooms


Part of the pipes leading to chambers

and to the Septic Tank

WCs and wall tiles ready for fixing



**NB: All the plumbing materials were bought in Accra.

Though Wall Tile was not budgeted for, it would be needed and therefore imperatively prudence

to buy the wall tiles and transport them together with all the plumbing materials.