New website

As of the 24th of January 2009 you can find the website of the Adinkra foundation

on the following address:

We are happy with this new location and hope many more people will come and visit our website.

Donation 'Cycling for Ghana'

On the 29th of December 2008 the group 'Op de fiets voor Ghana' (Cycling for Ghana) has presented a donation to the Adinkra foundation.
In the summer of 2008 four people from de Mortel in the Netherlands cycled to Lourdes in France, and had themselves sponsored for this tour.
They have collected the wonderful amount of 1200 euro for the foundation.
The amount was handed over to TOinet van Schijndel of the Adinkra foundation at a local pub (Cafe het Anker in de Mortel)
after showing a film about the projects of Adinkra in Ghana.
The foundation is very happy with this donation, that shall be used for building the new maternity ward at the Akatsi District Hospital.

Plans 2009

In February Hans and Toinet will travel to Ghana once again for the Adinkra foundation.
We want to start the building of the extension of the hospital. First of all, the 'Maternity Ward' is on the planning.
We will try as well to send an ambulance to Ghana.

Visit Ghana - November 2008

In November, Anne, one of our members, travelled to Ghana and visited the Akatsi District Hospital.
In one word: the place looks great!
Doctor Boni has started with a lot of enthusiasm to extend the hospital, with the scarce available resources.
The operating theatre has been enlarged, and provided with new equipment.
The Out-Patient-Department has been built, and will soon be separated from the In-Patient-Department.
Another building is also erected for the provision of HIV/Aids education.

Doctor Boni is happy with all developments, and wants us to know that assistance is still necessary
because the people of Akatsi really need the hospital.
Every month he sees over 3,000 patients, and he has been able to operate on many instances (mainly caesarians).

Gemertse Mert

In September 2008 the Adinkra Foundation was presented at the year market in Gemert for the third year in a row.
Together with other not-for-profit-organizations Adinkra had a market stall near the church,
where the whole day there was music, games and presentations with the motto 'Gemert, a source for others'.
The foundation received a lot of positive reactions.

Adinkra in the media