Adinkra supports the community directly on site, without intervention of third parties.
When shipping charity goods we open containers at arrival and make sure goods reach the correct destinations.
When repairing, building and upgrading installations and buildings we hire local professionals,
to increase the benefit for more people.

The following projects have been executed by the Adinkra Foundation, or are planned to be.

First container with charity goods - 2005

In 2005 a sea container full of medical equipment, toys and clothes was brought to  Ghana.
The goods have been divided among the clinics in the Akatsi district, as well as schools in the district.
Drinking water supply was provided to several clinics.

Second container with charity goods - 2007

In 2007 a second container filled with medical equipment, toys and clothes was sent to Ghana.
This time again the goods were divided among the clinics and schools in
the Akatsi district.
Instrumentation (tools) was bought locally for the doctor in the
Akatsi Health Center,
which enabled him to start his first operating procedure in
The drinking water supply for the hospital (then Health Center) was repaired by the foundation

Project 2009: extension

In the mean time the clinic has been upgraded to District Hospital.
2009 we want to start with the extension of the Akatsi District Hospital.
The foundation will try to contribute to put up a new
'Maternity Ward'.